Check out our calendar for gigs and events.  The next best thing to seeing a live Dugway show is listening to our music.  We put new original songs up all the time at Dugway on Soundcloud

You can also hear Dugway's music on broadcast and online radio including PRX's Searchlight/In Search of a Song, JangoBoston's UNregular radio, WBRK and WSBS in the Berkshires,  Blue Echo Radio at UNC Ashville, WIUV at Castleton State, WCPR in West Virginia, WIBC at Ithaca College, FM, Skope Radio, imsradio, ArtistFIrst World Radio, ROK Out Radio & UnderWorldMixradio.  

Look for Dugway's newest album, "The Up and Up," now available at Dugway stores on iTunes and CDBaby.

And our song, "Nice Surprise," is featured on "Independent No. 1's Vol. 2," a compilation album released in late 2013 by W.O.A Records International and available at record stores and through iTunes and CDBaby

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